About Oracle Marketer

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ORACLE MARKETER is a leading local SEO company in New York. We have branches in many countries and have clients from all over the worlds. We have already worked with 150+ clients and completed 500+ projects successfully. We give the best support to build your business image concrete in the online space.

Our team members have gone through the each field of digital marketing which is essential for promoting your brand globally. The team members have successful pasts in the all sectors of IT, freelancing and marketing.

We are a group of successful professionals come in the same fence to promote your business and increase the profit. Our service range covers the business consultation to brand creation.

Our web developer can design and develop a profitable and lucrative website which makes you visible in the digital world. On the other hand, our SEO experts can up rank your presence on the SERPs while our writer can attract your customers with the wording.

Till now, we’ve helped many local and global businesses to improve the visibility in SERPs, Social Media and Google-3 pack. We will be glad to help you to improve your ROI with our secret formula for brand creation.

ORACLE MARKETER has the mission to create business opportunity and run the profit wheel of the existing business by the successful application of our digital marketing.

Our mission has included-

  • Consult our clients with the scope of potential business and attract investors for them.
  • Design, develop and customize attractive websites to create visibility
  • Create magical content to convert visitors into a buyer
  • Improve visibility of local and artisan business in Google Map Pack, SERPs, and Social Media with proper use of SEO, Local SEO, and Digital Marketing.
  • Ensure best value of our customer’s investment.
  • Satisfy our employees to provide profitable input in clients’ business

ORACLE MARKETER is a digital marketing agency with a global vision. As the best Local SEO Company of New York, we also want to achieve the award of best Local SEO Company of the world.
We have also established ourselves as the best Local SEO Company of Bangladesh.

We want to give excellent input in the digital marketing sector and to gain respect from everyone. We believe in White Hat technique and want to prove its superiority over others.

Our ultimate vision is to see the smile of our clients for business improvement with our contribution.


Best Local SEO Company in New York – What we do?
ORACLE MARKETER can be the committed partner in every step of your online business. From the development phase to bring success, we are always beside you.

We offer a number of services which are useful independently and collectively. As the best local SEO service provider, our services are-

Start UP Business Assistance
We know the importance of holding hand in childhood. Therefore, we work with the founders of new business to consult and create the necessary support to attract investors.

We have already done the task with remarkable success for many local business owners. From business consultation to complete documentation, we do everything to introduce your business with the investors.

Web Design and Development
Now it’s impossible to introduce yourself or business in the digital world without a well-designed website. Our web development team can design and develop a suitable website for launching you.

Our team has vast experience for working on the customized theme. As we are the best local SEO Company in the country, we consider the SEO factors while designing and developing the website.

Digital Marketing Consultancy
ORACLE MARKETER has the best resource to complete a successful digital marketing campaign. We prepare a work plan based on our clients’ requirement, opportunity, and scope.

We clarify the improvement scope and plan for dragging out success. We provide complete documentation of the working map to understand each possible improvement scope.

Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO experts have vast working experience in the marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. They are familiar with sustain improvement in visibility by dragging more organic visitors to your website.

We don’t guarantee the first place in SERPs for a particular Keyword. But, we ensure your position in the top ten of SERPs. Researchers acknowledge that 95% complete their search by going to the 10th position of SERPs.

Local SEO
Undoubtedly, we are the best local SEO service provider in New York. Our experts are familiar with the updated guideline of Google in 2019 for ranking a local business.

We can secure your business position in Google 3-pack.

As the best local SEO Company with the cheapest rate, we apply the white hat methods to improve your rank.

Social Media Marketing
ORACLE MARKETER can improve your social media presence. We are familiar with social media page creation, optimization, and marketing.

Our experts can attract people by our secret social media marketing recipe.

We have already completed much social media marketing campaign which ends with enormous success.

Online advertising is vital in creating quick visibility. We have certified Google AdWords professional to run a successful advertising campaign using the paid tools.

We are conversant with the bidding process of keywords.

We are also careful about spending your invest. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the completion of a successful campaign.

Content Generation
We understand the value of a great piece of content for your business. So, creating innovative content from scrap is the best part of our star writers.

Our experienced writers have an exceptional ability to write SEO friendly and engaging copy for your service or products.

All of our services demand top class contents.

What Makes Us the Best Local SEO Service Provider?
Putting the achievement at the focus point, ORACLE MARKETER maintains a standard to pick your business in Google 3-Pack.

After a long service career, our local SEO experts gather unique and efficient ideas to rank your business.

We follow the trend and keep ourselves up to date with each update of Google algorithms.

Rather depending on the traditional link building and keyword stuffing in content, we start our optimization from the very beginning of your website.

We don’t believe in quick ranking.

We try to make a long-lasting effect on our clients. The client-friendly professional service makes us the best local SEO service provider in New York and Bangladesh.

The success of oracle marketer depends on the value

  • Team combination
  • Focus on Success
  • Educating Clients’
  • Crystal Clear in Dealings
  • Zero tolerance in Quality
  • Only White Hat Technique in practice
  • Confidentiality of Clients Business
  • Rather blaming logical in accepting faults
  • Up to date with technology and guideline

Our values motivate us to work in collaboration with other teammates and clients to bring the best result.

Rather creating active buyer, we create potential buyer community for your business.

All of our white hat promotional methods are effective in bringing organic visitors to your website.

More web visitor improves the number of communication by email or phone call. More communication improves the sale which hits the profit significantly.

With our successful implementation of digital marketing service, we can improve your business by about 400%.

We are open for 24/7 and always ready to serve our clients with our best efforts.

That makes us the best IT Company in Bangladesh and New York.

We know your frustration about selecting the best digital marketing agency among so many. You can ask for a quote to clarify your confusion.

For any query about our service or asking for an appointment, don’t hesitate to call on (mobile no) or contact us on www.oraclemarketer.com/contact.