Content Strategy vs. SEO | How to Skyrocket Your Traffic

Content Strategy vs. SEO!!! How to Skyrocket Your Traffic for Small Business Owners

The market place moves fast. So the disciplines are working now may not have same impact after six months. The marketers are always in a war to attract right search traffic. So there is a debate emerging as to which you should keep focus more? Will it be content marketing or SEO framework? In hence the debate wants you to pick one. Let’s be more realistic to find out the truth behind the success.

Defining content marketing and its role:

Contents are been considered as the king of SEO. Here, the content marketing meaning is the process of focusing compelling context and it will spotlight on a specific business niche. It influences the buyers by providing essential information. Let’s look at certain goals of content marketing.

• Creating strong brand
• Increasing conversion
• Enhance return on investment (ROI)
• Inform and teach visitors
• Inspiring the viewers
• Entertain the consumers

So the content marketing focuses on the user’s behavior and the need to establish a strong relationship with the audience. You will find some components which are important for content marketing:

• Illustrate intention
• Determine the buying journey
• Development of plan
• Useful and quality content creation
• Promoting your writing to readers
• Optimization and improvisation

In hence, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach which focuses on delivering the necessary information to the industry focused audience. In a simple sentence the path to reach correct viewers by an effective plan.

Dig down into SEO:

It’s a practice through which marketers rank their website on top of the search engine result pages. The game plan is to reach as many views as possible by ranking the site. You have to perform various tasks to perform this job. From coding to design modification will lead your webpage to connect with more visitors. Let’s look on some of goals of SEO.

• Increase sustainable revenue
• Gain more leads
• Engage and educate users about your offering
• Increase brand awareness and create self esteem
• Improve consumer satisfaction and repeat sales
• Improve traffic engagements and response
• Develop ranking

Beside the objectives, a perfect SEO plan has certain mechanism too. I have listed down some components as bellow.

• Effective keyword strategy that the users are looking for
• Create a site that uses clean code for a search-friendly
• Make sure site architecture creates a good user experience
• Speed up your site, so visitors won’t leave
• Perform on-page SEO factors to ensure your visibility
• Integrating the website and increase interaction in social media through content
• Build links to your site to increase your rankings

Your main focuses would be to increase your visibility to the targeted audience through a set of plan.

The battle between SEO and Content Marketing:

Both are the key success factors for your online existence. If you failed to mitigate any part surely your web presence will be in threat. Without content marketing, your visitors and search engine will fail to create positive interaction. If users do not find what they are looking for they will exit from your website and this will send a negative response to the search engine to view your pages on the SERPs. So effective content marketing will help you to establish a strong relationship with consumer’s mind and will help them to build trust towards your brand.

At the same time, if you fail to create your business visibility on the top of search result, you will definitely lose possible sales lead. So the great marketers never miss any chance to focus their business on utilizing both content marketing and SEO to their websites.

So proper utilizing of both, you can secure your presence at online.


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