Online Advertising Service

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Oracle Marketer is a reliable online advertising service provider in Bangladesh. As an ad agency, our service ranges from ad creation to conduct a successful online advertising campaign.

Our creative ad makers are business minded and technologically sound. Therefore, you will get ads which can speak everything for you.

Our creative graphic designers are familiar with updated Google guideline. We create lucrative ads for you keeping your budget and Google’s preference in mind. So, you can forget the penalty from Google by using our online ad service.

Our creative team can create a lucrative ad including your logo, image, a message to customers, and call to action words.

Our digital marketing team can launch an advertising campaign and use all their skills to make it successful. Our skilled online ad campaign is very effective in making a scrap to a sky-scrapper.

You may think that people skip advertising while finding a paid result or avoid ads. It is only true for irrelevant advertising. The study reveals only in the USA the online advertising cut a handsome revenue 83B in 2017 which is 14% higher than in 2016.

Oracle Marketer has complete a large number of projects where we create every ins and outs of the online marketing campaign. We provide a complete online ad package, which is very beneficial for our clients.

As a professional online ad service provider, we know the importance of ROI for a business. Therefore, we always offer powerful ad service at the lowest rate to save your cost and gain quick feedback.

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Our creative designer and the content creator can make a successful ad while our online business marketer can create a successful campaign for your business.

  1. Conduct thorough research of your business credentials and prospectus market
  2. Create ads using the CTA, engaging message, your logo or image
  3. Create PPC by using Google or major search engine
  4. Conduct campaign for the targeted customer to save unnecessary cost
  5. Improve the conversion rate and reduce the expense
  6. Regular optimization of strategies for improvement
  7. Detailed reporting after a short campaign
  8. Fortnightly or monthly reporting for a long campaign based on your demand

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  1. Complete package for making a successful online marketing campaign
  2. Target oriented strategies which are essential to maximize the conversion
  3. Experience in creating ads for various social media platforms, e-commerce or website
  4. Dedicated team for the individual campaign can amend the failure strategies quickly to make it successful

Don’t take too much time to improve your business. Use our online advertising service today to maximize the conversion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]