Startup Business Assistance

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Oracle Marketer has provided the startup business assistance successfully to entrepreneurs for starting a business. For working in the novel area of business, we know your situation, understand your scope, and set up an appropriate plan for your growth.

We are the best startup business assistance service in Bangladesh and have provided our intellectual support in many small business ideas all over the world.

From business starting to fund collection and launching to business promotion, we support you everywhere.

Whether you’re launching a sky-scrapping startup or scale up the budding business, Oracle Marketer can be the true business assistance for you. Our team contains career coach, marketers, investment settler, adviser, and mentor, etc.

We offer the best team effort for a wide range of business startup or scale up. Our experts can help you prepare the required documentation, business prospect analysis, and ROI.

Regardless of the challenge, you’re facing, we will stand before of you.

As a professional startup business assistance company, we understand the importance of secrecy in starting a business. Therefore, we always focus on maintaining your business secret for the world.

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From the beginning, we believe every business has its own potential. If it fails to succeed, it indicates the failure of its strategy of growth. We work with the business proprietor to bring jewel from scrap.

  1. Collect data of your business idea to create a proposal
  2. Analyze the business opportunity and return policy of the business
  3. Mentoring on creating a road map of business development and promotion
  4. Counsel you how to convince an investor for feeling interested in your business
  5. Fixing up your meeting with the investor with necessary documents
  6. After investment, we create your business identity and promote to bring the sale
  7. After completion of the project, we hand over all the necessary document

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  1. Mentoring the need of your entrepreneurship
  2. Effective in a wide range of locality and country for analyzing the business prospect
  3. Helping sky-scrapping scale-ups to grab more revenue
  4. Help to get finance in both debit and credit based solution
  5. Assist organization to create a talented workforce and launch jobseekers to stimulating prospect

Therefore, if you’re in hesitation about funding or promoting, etc. you should contact us without any delay.