Top on SERP is a risky position

You are at the top on the search result. BUT don’t think you are SAFE!!!!

Now you can take rest because you are at the first position in your desired search engine!!! Don’t be a fool to imagine this. There are hundreds of your rivals who are fighting to be at your place. They will not quit until they can acquire to put their website on peak. So being in the top position is not fixed, if so then you never could be in that spot. You are at the crest because you have replaced someone to get there. As search engine is an endless task, without a continuous SEO it’s really impossible to sustain performance. Let’s focus on a few vital processes which you cannot overlook out of hundred responsibilities.

Your opponents are not sitting back:

You have achieved the top search position by removing your competitors, thus competitions are also trying to do the same. Besides that new ventures are also coming with the same desire. Your rivals are continuously updating their SEO mixes to be on the top search to increase sales. The aspiration to increase selling never ends. In hence you also need to focus on developing techniques to sustain the peak position.

Update of algorithms never stops:

Google always is always trying to give superior user friendly customers experience. If any visitor goes away by not clicking the result, then they surely will not satisfy with the search. Or the viewers may not find what they are looking for. So to avoid this bad incident, all search engines is trying to update their back log Algorithm so that visitors get filtered result to satisfy their need. So, you need to keep yourself updated with the algorithm changes. To avoid penalties, always you need to focus on providing high quality content, keep continue to optimizing your website, and finally when you are trying to get high quality links try to earn those not pay. No one loves junk results, so you have to be proactive rather being reactive.

Uploading regular contents are core requirements:

Fresh content are the chances for indexing and Google loves frequent update. But that doesn’t mean that you should update in every hour. Its Google core task is to craws for web pages. It’s a chance to add LSI versions keywords to your site. So, frequent update of content will allow you to optimize your site with your targeted KW. Contents are considering the king of the website. The more useful content you are publishing the visitors will visit your site more useful. This will send a positive result to search engine. It will build strong authority. The visitors will be informed about your updated activity. It’s very obvious that if the visitors found outdated information, it will force them to quit from your site which will increase your bounce rate and surely will decrease the conversions.


Conduct regular SEO activities:

Search engine optimization is a regular task. It’s not like you have done and it has been completed. Stopping your regular tasks will have an impact on your ranking negatively. Experts recommended that you should not stop review the SEO activities. The online marketplaces are continuously developing new technologies and languages. The changes in the marketplace may force the visitors to stop searching with old KW. Thus you need to keep yourself updated with the changes. That’s why you have to reevaluate the SO mixes to keep optimizing your site.

User changes the search behavior:


Every day the market place is offering net sets of product, services, topics and news to satisfy the user’s need. These are affecting social values, behavior of the visitors. In hence you should also do KW research on regular basis to understand the changes. You have to put your business update with the changes of your niche. Your web analytics is also a chance to understand the user’s behavior changes. The users may not looking for what you are focusing, thus you may retarget your focus. This targeting will help your business to survive.


Building authority takes time:

A strong and positive online reputation can protect your business from loss. And you cannot build this reputation overnight. It will take time. Getting a positive response from users is a tedious job but it will update your ranking on search and this will establish you as an authority in your business niche.


SEO will provide you endless opportunities. To keep it on right track, you need continuous process. The bottom line is securing top position is vulnerable, so you need a frequent set of task to protect your rank in search.

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