Google My Business impact on business

Google My Business impact on business, a complete guide:

Google my business is the biggest local business ranking factor in Google search engine. We don’t need any specialist to confirm it. I guess the answer is pretty simple.

Google my business is the most important component of Google Business Solution. All other facilities of Google business suit are designed to give it a complete exposure.

Now you realize how important it is in Google’s eye. Naturally, Google will prefer its own product. That’s why Google promote GMB in such style. And let me remind you how Google search affects our daily life. Take a look at the facts.

Google is The most visible digital platform in the world. 77.9% of all world search query performed in google.

Almost 93% of all mobile search query performed in Google worldwide.

On an average, in every second 40,000 search conducts in Google. Over 3.5 Billion searches per day, 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, amazing, huh!


4 out of 5 customer conducts a local query in Google mobile search.

50% of local mobile searchers directly visits shop within 24 hours, while 34% of tablet and computer local searchers visit a shop within a day.

That means in Google 84% local search pursued the sale in a day.

GMB is always prioritized in the local business search.

I know with a website you can promote your business in Google search, doing SEO and all other related stuff. But without being listed in GMB you are just a loaner struggling to promote your business. GMB creates a stylish knowledge graph which is wonderfully synchronized with the map and a G+ page. This amazing service act as your virtual business card, linking it with your existing business website can easily outrank your competitor. It is your opportunity to promote your business worldwide. Now you are the local leader, a global professional.

Still not GMB listed, let’s see what you are missing:

Imagine you are a cleaning service provider and your service area is New York city. Unfortunately, you are not Google business listed. Let’s search ‘cleaning service New York City’.

Millions of results appeared in a fraction of a second. That means millions of website is related to the search phrase. Where are you fit in here? The answer is nowhere, without spending thousands of dollar in search engine optimization your chance to appear on the first page is almost nil. But the scenario can be changed totally if you are Google my business listed. Google my business platform act as an additional tool which will nicely tune up with your other online entity and ensure your presence on the top of the search.

Check out below the local business solution powered by GMB.



This is called 3 pack listing, consists of all GMB listed local business and in any situation, Google will display this digital information box after each local query, ahead of any traditionally optimized website.

It is an amazing infographic, appeared at the top right side of the SERP. Surprisingly, everything is here, people are seeing all necessary information about your business just staring once in the knowledge graph.


Your business photo (service, team, product, interior, exterior, driveway, 360 degree surrounds) your website address, business address, real-time map integration of your business location, your operating hours, business phone number and most importantly what people are talking about your service.


Now check out the direction button, click it, let’s see how it perform on a map.

Choose your start point and see the magic. Distance marker will calculate your distance from the ‘NYCleaners’ office and assist you to reach the destination in private transport, public transport, walking path, cycling path and even air route if applicable.

What else are you missing?

Your business is not GMB listed. According to GKYP (google keyword planner), on an average every month there about hundred thousand to one million people searches, ‘carpet cleaning service in NY City. But unfortunately you are not GMB listed and you are missing that huge traffic. In this case, your business doesn’t exist in New York City.


  • Minimum 500% instant increase of search query and action taking activities.
  • Ultimate business insight tool to monitor your clients and Express adword access.
  • Customers consider Google my business twice as likely reputable than its competitors.
  • Google photographed five million miles of road worldwide for its street view. If your business does not appear on Google’s map, you are already missed out from that street view. Again, simply you are the unfortunate one.
  • Inside of views, clicks, and followers complete control.
  • 24/7, 365 days direct contact with the customers.
  • Search, map, social platform simultaneous digital presence.
  • Android, ios ready app.
  • Videos, picture, statements of past buyers- use it like a powerful throttle, knock out your competitors.

Now listen to the specialists, what they say about Google my Business. According to Raj Nijjer, VP Community at Yext, “Critical. It’s the centerpiece and fundamental to any local campaign! You simply don’t exist if you don’t create a Google my business page for your local business”.

Max Holloway, Senior Search Manager at Pi Datametrics, “GMB is incredibly important for local SEO. Without it, you won’t be appearing on any local map listings in the SERPs which Google displays for the vast majority of local queries”.

According to Wikipedia, “The most reliable way to include accurate local business information is to claim business listings through Google’s”.

Conclusion, Google my business is the ultimate local business platform. It is all about ‘The Business’ and you are not here, you are out of business.

Information source: Business Insider, Moz, Wiki, etc.

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