SEO Service

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Without having in the top ten search result it is quite impossible to have business from the web.

As the best SEO service Provider Company in Bangladesh, Oracle Marketer offers the pessimistic deal for ranking the website locally and globally.

We are expertise in ranking a wide range of website for various competitive keywords. Our skilled team has continuous eye one revealing the Google ranking factors.

As a professional SEO agency, we always provide the white hat technique to rank our clients’ website. Our clients are also satisfied with our successful applications of secret SEO recipe.

Our SEO service has tailor-made and customizable offers for your convenience. For ruling the global market, we have two other regional offices in New York and California. But before opening the office, we have proved ourselves as the best SEO Service Provider Company in NY and California.

As the industry leader, we always walk in a different way than following the footprints. As a result, our works yield quick results and last longer than usual SEO agency.

Understanding your business Scope and targeted customers are the main focus point for setting the SEO strategy. Therefore, we do a complete site audit for making a solid strategic plan of working.

Oracle Marketer is the best in leaving behind your competitors by using the proven SEO.

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  1. Complete site audit report
  2. Analyzing and selecting target Keywords
  3. Complete analysis of competitors’ website
  4. Content and other On-page optimizations
  5. Web analytical report for traffic and marketing campaign
  6. Off-page optimization

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  1. Make your business visible to your potential customers
  2. Helps to fit you in the first page of SERPs
  3. More organic traffic improves the sales of the product
  4. Create brand value for your business
  5. Ensures quick ROI

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  1. Globally people make 90% purchase from online and the trend is improving in Bangladesh.
  2. The major organic traffic comes from Google
  3. People never skip organic result like the paid campaign
  4. Improve the conversion rate and minimize the bounce rate
  5. Maximum targeted person improve the sales
  6. No SEO, No improvement in SERPs and No Sales

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